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Club Lotto Rules

Club Lotto Rules


  1. each Ticket cost £1 each.

  2. Tickets can be purchased from any committee member and selected outlets

  3. Persons under 18 years of age are not eligible to participate.

  4. Entrants enter 4 numbers between 1 – 24 inclusive on the lotto ticket, returning the small section with their name and contact details to the agent/club and retaining the larger section.

  5. Tickets incorrectly completed, altered or defaced will be treated as void.

  6. The Draw will take place each Sunday

  7. Any Lotto tickets entered after 3 pm will be entered into the following draw.

  8. No responsibility will be accepted for tickets/monies received too late for any draw.

  9. All four Numbers marked on the Lotto ticket must match the 4 Numbers drawn for that date to win.

  10. Should there be more than one correct entry the jackpot will be shared equally between the winners.

  11. 11. The jackpot will commence at £250

  12. Fivemiletown United football club shall decide, according to ticket sales when and by how much the jackpot will be increased.

  13. Proceeds from the Lotto will go towards the development of Fivemiletown United Football Club.

  14. The decision of Fivemiletown United Football Club is final.

  15. Jackpot winners are required to participate in any required publicity.

  16. Results will be published on the Facebook, Twitter pages, Website or
    in the Clubhouse.


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