Spot the Ball

Terms & Conditions


Using your skill and judgment try and determine where you think the centre of the ball should be by marking the appropriate box (one box per ticket)

Each game ticket cost's £2 each or 3 for £5, paid on receipt of game ticket/s,
Customers will mark 1 ‘BOX’ on each ticket,
Only official game tickets will be deemed eligible.
Customers not using their ‘1 BOX’ cannot transfer them to any other customer or ticket.
Customers must not mark more than 1 ‘BOX’ on any ticket
and are unable to purchase additional ‘Boxes’ for that ticket
The customer is responsible for getting his/her entry to any committee member before the deadline of each game
We do not accept any liability of any kind for entries that are not handed to any committee member before the deadline at the end of each game.


Only the photographer himself (Mike Long) has the original image,

No other person connected with LongImages has seen the original image
No other person has seen the original image,
That includes any club member being a player or the committee members and/or their families,
No member of the printers or their families has seen the original image.

The original image will be published on the club's social media pages shortly after the closing date.

The centre of the ball will be decided by the photographer (Mike Long)
But any/all winners will be decided by the Fivemiletown United Committee.
Any/all winners will be notified within 3 working days of the closing date of that game or within a reasonable timeframe thereafter.  

The player who identifies the box that the exact position of the centre of the ball is in will win the promoted prize.
If there is more than one winner, they will be entered into a draw to decide who wins the prizes.
Prizes and winners are published on this page


We reserve the right to refuse to accept any entry if it has been defaced or altered in any way.
An entry is disqualified and we will not pay a prize if any of the following apply
- The entry does not reach us as provided in these rules or the genuineness of any entry is doubtful.
- The entry is sent by someone under 18 years of age.
- You claim you submitted an entry and it can’t be traced by us.
- More than one box is marked



If in our opinion it is not practical to deal with entries because of any circumstance beyond our reasonable control, we may decide to declare all entries void.

Any alteration of or addition to these rules will be notified on this site.
We reserve the right to modify or cancel the competition at any time we choose.

The result of the Spot the Ball Competition will be displayed on this page.

By entering this competition entrants will be demonstrating their agreement with the Rules

This is a voluntary subscription to Fivemiletown United Football Club